How does the Canadian Education system work? All you need to know

Canada is among the most literate countries in the world. If you are planning to acquire Canadian immigration for your educational purpose, you have made the right choice. The education system is very strong and is maintained by provinces. You can see the public as well as private education in Canada. The Canadian government spends around 6% of its GDP on Education. They subsidize in imparting education from pre-school to high secondary level.

The Canadian Education system

Let us now understand what their system is. Well, it is divided into three levels- Primary, Secondary and Post Secondary. Even private education systems and religious schools have all these three levels. The study in Canada starts when kids turn five years old. In some provinces, it may start a year earlier.

  • Primary education

Known as elementary school, primary education starts from kindergarten to grade 8, i.e., when children turns 13 or 14. The academic year of school is usually from September to June.

  • Secondary Education

The high school level starts from grade 9 to grade 12, when the children will be 17 or 18. In some provinces, children may join publicly funded diploma courses.

  • Post Secondary Education

Canada has well-known universities providing undergrad and graduation degree courses. The university session starts in September and ends around May. Students may earn a scholarship in Canada and enroll in their favorite university.

Language option in Canadian Education

Canadian students, as well as international students, can opt for education in two official languages- English and French. However, it is not mandatory to be fluent in any of them. Across Canada, the main language taught is English. If you want, you can look out for public/private schools offering education in French.

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