What are the three highly demanding jobs in Canada?

Are you a permanent resident of Canada? Or are you migrating from any other country? The first and foremost reason to shift to Canada is for a career. Canada is a vast country, and it offers great job opportunities to people. But you would not want to take up any job role, right? You would like to explore the options and understand the job market. Here we will bring you the top 3 high-demand jobs at present and in the current future to make your current decision easier.

Registered Nurse

Canada prioritizes its healthcare sector, and post covid it has been a priority by the government and individuals. Another reason is the baby boomers reaching retirement age, thus aging population is a factor for high demand of nurses. Apart from big cities, in rural areas where doctors can’t reach, registered nurses are their primary source of treatment. It requires a bachelor’s degree and registration with any regulatory authority. Registered nurses are said to earn an average of $40 per hour.

Software Engineer

Software engineer jobs have seen rapid growth in past years. As per data, more than 25000 jobs would be expected in the software engineering field between 2019 to 2028. To migrate to Canada for such jobs, you must know coding and application design. A bachelor’s degree is enough for you to get a job in Canada for the same. The average hourly pay is estimated to be $48.

College lecturer or professor

The education system in Canada demands recruiting vocational professors every year. Thus it has become one of the top demanding jobs in Canada. The government of Canada jobs also publishes vacancies and one can easily apply for it. The education required may vary depending on their work. You either need a master’s degree or a diploma to have a high-earning job and a great career path in this field. The hourly wage is said to be $40 for an instructor.

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