The beautiful flower of tulips is the favourite of many. But what if you can glance at thousands of tulips altogether at the world’s biggest tulip festival after moving to Canada? Well, Canada offers just the same every year in May. Over 11 days, the annual fest offers a massive tulip display, family fun, fireworks, and more.

How and when does it start?

The annual festival roots back to the 1940s when the festival started as a gift by the Dutch government. During the Second World War, the Royal family of the Netherlands was a refugee in Ottawa, and Royal Highness Princess Margriet took birth there in 1943. A couple of years later, Canadian troops helped liberate the Netherlands. To honor them, the Dutch government started sending tulip bulbs every year, inspiring them to start Tulip Festival since then.

What does the Tulip festival offer to its Visitors?

The historic tulip festival is organized at the Commission’s Park along the Rideau Canal’s Dow’s lake. Every year with over 3,00,000 tulip blooms, the festival attracts major tourists worldwide increasing the number of Canada immigration.

Dozens of tulip flower beds can be witnessed during the day and at night. The lit garden at night provides an unforgettable experience. You can also shop for freshly cut flowers, artefacts, and crafts there.

Special guided tickets are also available that allow you to tour the fantastic flower garden bed and historical tales in the night time. You also get additional activities and programs such as workshops, bingo games, and a major attraction, Victoria Day Fireworks.

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