Canada, a culturally rich yet home to natural wonders, is a vibrant country that attracts millions of tourists every year. Every city or province in Canada has something to offer. To migrate to Canada, you must have a list of major tourist attractions to visit. So below stated are the three top favourite places among tourists in Canada.

Majestic Niagara Falls

Who wouldn’t have heard this name in their lifetime? Well, the world-famous Niagara falls is just an hour’s drive from Toronto. You can visit the high falls from various places. Millions of visitors witness the astonishing falls that have been an attraction for over a century. Walk down Clifton hill and be up close to the falls. You can also cruise around or have an aerial view from Skylon Tower.

Churchill’s white Polar Bear attraction

White polar bears are a significant tourist attraction in Canada. These polar bears are migrated to ice in the Hudson bay in Churchill town of Manitoba, named the Polar Bear Capital of the world. Visitors are welcomed to view polar bears up close in caged buggies every fall. The permanent resident of Canada suggests the best time to visit them is in October or November.

Banff national park and colourful lakes

The majestic Rocky Mountains situated in the Banff National park in Alberta witnesses picturesque landscape. You can hike, have a scenic drive, or head to beautiful turquoise and green colored lakes. Moraine lake and ice fields parkway are other significant attractions in Banff near the national park. You can also witness winter sports in this area.

Apart from these 3, several other tourist spots are Quebec, Whistler, Vancouver, Ottawa, and other cities.

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