Network your way to career success in Canada with Networking

Networking- passing information from one source to another in layman’s language. It is the age-old practice of getting jobs via networking and is also highly effective. The Canadian job market is no different, and major job opportunities can be landed via it. Moving to Canada might be challenging; in any case, leaving your country. But overcoming the fear and talking to people face to face will deliver fast and effective results. Here we bring you how networking will help you achieve your career success.

How to start?

Initiating a conversation in a different country is difficult. But you need to have good communication skills. You can start by meeting up with people having similar interests as yours. Introduce yourselves and explain why you had Canada immigration for your future? Networking for jobs is communicating how good you are at jobs and listening to their stories.

Helpful tips for networking

  • Having your business card to hand it over to people you meet easily is very important.
  • Have comforting and warm body language. Ensure eye contact while communicating.
  • Engage the person with frequent questions that come to your head.
  • Go to events and grab a chance to introduce yourself loud and clear.
  • A good listener is always remembered, so do not just talk but let others speak.
  • Have e LinkedIn profile as well to make your connections stronger.
  • Follow up with a mail or call thanking them for the time they have taken out for your job search.

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